Friday, July 31, 2009

Drama, video and preaching

Well respected preacher John Piper makes some really interesting comments about the use of video and drama to suppliment preaching. I have from time to time used music and video to very good effect in assisting my preaching. But he raises a very serious question about our belief in the power of preaching.

check him out on youtube

Pipers comments get me thinking on another tack. The deeper question in my mind is what about the 'form' of preaching.

Let's say that preachers A and B both preach the exact same sermon to their respective congregations who are for all intents and purpsoes identical. But preacher A is not very engaging whilst preacher B is very dynamic. Which preacher is more powerful in being used by God to change lives?

I'd love to say that it is the content and not the form that is important, but more and more I am not enitrely conviced...

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