Monday, August 18, 2008

New ways of reading the NT?

Some parts of the emerging movement are focused on us reading the scriptures in a ‘new way’ basically reinterpreting the Bible to show how Jesus is concerned with the world here and now and that the Gospel has a massive social impact.


I recently read McLarens ‘everything must change’ whilst on a stint in hospital. And whilst I find the book challenging, helpful and hopeful, I do have a concern. Whilst I agree with that aspect of the Gospel, and the reading between the lines approach to see what Jesus meant, I am concerned that this new movement has missed the basic stuff that Jesus actually said.


There is very little talk if any of sin, resurrection and the life to come. These things that I believe are of primary importance are often plainly missing. Whilst there are parts of the emerging church movement that are great and effective I really often find myself thinking they are searching the scriptures so hard to find things that Jesus might have meant that they miss what he so obviously said!


What do you think?

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