Monday, May 12, 2008

OK so my first post...
hmmm what to say?

Well today I listened two two lectures at Stellenbosch by Prof. Scot McKnight from
He is easy to listen to and shared on Teaching the Bible to a postmodern generation and The Missional Jesus. My only complaint was that he has left me wanting for more. Perhaps it is my measly 3 year BTh degree, but I could easily sit for a year listening to his lectures on the NT.

Scot is one of the leading lights in the emerging conversation, but he has not gone as far afield as some of Brian McLaren's stuff...He is pretty sound doctrinally and raises some really interesting points on interpreting the message of the Gospels.

The most striking point was that we often read the Bible in Maestro mode...basically we read the Bible through the eyes of one or other of the authors of the Bible. Most notably (and probably true for me) is that many of us read through Paul's eyes. It colours and flavours almost everything we read.

I'd never thought about it till now, but it's a good point, we can miss out on some important ideas and themes...

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